‘What Once Was’ by SETTLEMENT Review


Settlement are a trio hailing from Buffalo New York, who have just released their third EP, What Once Was. Two awesome, harmonic masterpiece tracks of quality METAL!

There are elements of the modern metal in the two tracks, but, the structures are constructed in such a way that they are addictive. The driving riffs and complementary bass passages combined with the thundering drums. The vocals, kinda resemble 90’s Hardcore from the likes of Snapcase very hard in your face screams with clean vocals in parts that lends another aspect and tone. Settlement really needs to be heard to be believed, I also like the way they chose topics to write about such as historic timelines and events that most people have either forgotten or were not aware of.

Settlement are certainly a band I will be keeping an eye on in the future to see how they evolve, if this EP is anything to go by, there will be a lot more impressive material coming from them!