Wartooth – Garethstock III Live Review


Photography by Aimee Ferguson

These guys always surprise me when I see them and this was no exception. Wartooth kicked off their set at Garethstock III hard and fast with ‘Wired to Die’ and they didn’t disappoint. Andy is brilliant vocalist with a really nice range and juggles the responsibility of guitarist and frontman damn well. Seemingly without effort too. It’s not just the vocals either, but the lyrics are just awesome and hit harder with his vocal style. A bit after ‘Kingdom of Fear’ and halfway into the intro of ‘Benevolent Destroyer’ it became apparent to me that Kyle and Andy resonate very well together and compliment each others guitar work perfectly. It’s all backed by some very noticeable bass framework from Taylor. Taylor is a damn good bass player and he really lays down a meaty thrash foundation down for the other guys. Nothing bothers me more when an instrument is barely noticeable and a members efforts seem squandered so I was glad to see a bassist doing other bassists proud.

Nathan’s drumming was on point the whole time also. Keeping excellent time and really adding to the emphasis on the lead guitar and meshing greatly with the bass lines. Overall, the set (despite going for a fair while) left me wanting more and at that point I was not expecting a cover of ‘Paranoid’ (Sorry~ I mean a GOOD cover of ‘Paranoid’) to suddenly get dropped. The crowd ate it up too and frankly it was a genius move to unload a well-known cover like that before blowing all our heads off with a finale like ‘Thrash Attack’ which was honestly my favourite song from the whole set. Maybe one of my favourites of the whole event. You could clearly see these guys loved playing it as well. Fast, hard and loud. Everything a thrash outro for a set should have. Wartooth is a band to watch because these guys are picking up momentum, kicking ass and taking names. As ‘Thrash Attack’ itself says, “Breathe! Drink! Thrash!” And it’s what these guys are all about. I look forward to seeing them again.

Their intro song ‘Wired to Die’ is free and streamable from their official bandcamp, youtube, etc (links below)