‘The Tragic Protagonist’ by BIPOLAR ARCHITECTURE Review


Bipolar Architecture hail from both Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey. They were formed back in 2016. Their line up is quite interesting, as the main part of the band is from a now-defunct band called Heretic Soul who played a lot of shows on the European circuit.

The new EP, The Tragic Protagonist has three colossal tracks of the finest quality metal. I can’t quite put the band into a specific genre, as they cover such a wide variety of metal in their music, from Death Metal, to Melodic Death, Progressive Death, Djent and Post Metal. The title track kicks the EP off with a thunderous kick. A heavy, stomping track with a multitude of time changes with some mellow and harmonic parts. So I Altered has a slightly darker theme with heavy structures, but still having that melodic touch with plenty of intricate time changes. ‘Papercuts’ is the final track on the EP which also has a video on Youtube (see link below), this track has to be my favourite off the EP. The track has a lot of energy and tempo, which livens the whole mood and catches the listener off guard.

A truly awesome debut EP from a band that are sure to go a long way.