The lads from Raw Industrial Death Metal band CHUD talk with Kelly Tee on tours, Aussie Metal Scene & their latest album ‘Dead’


First of all guys, congratulations on Chud’s second full-length release, Dead. How successful has this album been since its release this year (2019), and how do you gauge this success?

*Hey, thank you, Kelly! Well, we’ve played a bunch of shows around NSW, Victoria and where we live – Canberra, over the last 12 months. Whoever will have us! We have sold a bunch of copies of DEAD through a local record store – Landspeed Records – which is bloody awesome to see people still enjoying the print copy, the art, and presentation, all that. We certainly took a bit of time to make it stand out – have a sense of uniqueness to how it looks? Something memorable. Also totally ripping from old school stuff like Bathory’s first album, colour-wise! Sold some copies off overseas to folk in Botswana, Switzerland, the States, all over the shop. Global, a trip out, un-bloody-believable! People really seem to dig

our music when we play live, especially some of the new songs. It’s been good, a great response from people yes. We’re all having a blast, the crowd has a blast, really fucking cool. Absolute bangers and mash!!

Dead is an assault of prog/industrial/sludge heaviness. How have your fans reacted to this album so far? Do you get any feedback from fans directly? How important is this to Chud if at all?

We’re certainly happy that people have been enjoying the music, we’ve definitely had direct feedback yes. People at shows, the punters and other bands. All positive, which is really fucking cool. We’re really happy with the way the album’s sound turned out, thick. It’s aggressive and dark as fuck, we were trying to make a light funk album with a touch of industrial goth glam really – but instead, we ended up with what we have! Seriously though, as long as everyone is having a good time, that’s all that matters. But still, it is always a rewarding sense, or perhaps a sense of accomplishment if people are seeing the band, hearing it, enjoying the music. It’s made to be heard & seen. We’re a live band, we want to get out and play live, spread the love like Vegemite – way too much, all at once, salty and black. Like the bands, we all grew up seeing. Monkey see monkey do! Our overall aim was making an album worth listening to. Something that stands out like us, and what we play.

The themes of the album, Dead are fairly blasphemous and aggressive. What is the overall theme of this album? Its story so to speak?

If there’s a common theme, it came along organically as the album progressed. We wanted to make a set of sharp, straight to the point songs that sounded individual. Not just a relentless stream of the same sound track for track. We also wanted it to be different, production-wise, to the first one. It was also a long time coming for us as a band, the songs changed over the last couple years of playing them live and recording them – it certainly evolved as we made it. We were cheering when it was finally ready and we were able to do something with it. Mainly because the album sounds haunted as fuck though.

Fearmonger; one of the many cracking tracks off Dead. Lyrically this was brutal and full of intensity. What was the inspiration behind this track? 

Cheers hey! The inspiration was mostly from the common status quo we have here in Australia’s mainstream media – ‘You are free to do what we tell you’. Ultimately creating a climate of fear. An Orwellian fucking playground.

While you have kept the dark themes of your album Ominous (2013 release), Dead album feels like another level of heavy, with less industrial sounds and heavier on the sludge and progressive metal sub-genres.  How important is it for Chud to keep subtly changing direction with your music? And why?

We’ll definitely evolve, our tastes change. We get subtle new influences, invite new sounds in. I don’t think we’ll ever do a ballad or anything like that. We don’t want to keep releasing the same thing again and again. Though in saying that – our guitarist constantly listens to ‘Hardcore Mediaeval Party Mix’ on YouTube, so you never know huh? If we feel we could do another album, we might totally rip from black metal, throw some dead cowboy vibes in and mix it with French hardcore techno – make something truly ugly that has no place anywhere near what is considered contemporary music. Make the fastest doom album in the world.

What/who is the creative inspiration for Chud’s material? Do you listen to bands within the same fusion genres to feel inspired or other forms of music? What is your creative process for writing lyrics and music overall?

As a group, we all listen to different music, anything from black metal, drum, and bass, old school techno, to folk music. There are bands that we share a common taste with definitely. Collectively it comes together. We don’t have a set process for writing. The first album was half-written in a studio, with the drums or ideas for beats coming first. The guitars, riff ideas, etc came after that. We wanted it to have certain rhythms and flesh out melody afterward, give it a broken or mechanical feel. This new one was mostly written before hitting any recording situations up. The majority of the songs were written on the guitar first, but with an idea of what the rhythms would be. One of the songs was written while doing the first one too. We wanted it to sound more ‘live’ than the first one, sound a little crustier. More dank, less sheen. The arrangement of the songs changed over a period of time as we played the songs live a lot. Some were completely changed from the original idea or progression. With the first album’s material, only a handful of them had been played live ever, so that was different. Lyrics come from reading, catching an idea from just a word, a phrase. Watching classic movies too, old westerns – anything with a touch of class. Coming up with song titles is the hard part!

Where and how did Chud form? Was it always going to be metal? And why?

We didn’t form CHUD, CHUD formed us. We were summoned into reality, into this sphere of influence. Ultimately, the entity that CHUD is is in charge – we are just the instruments of its’ will. 💀 !!! CHUD will always be a hard band – yes. It will always keep the core elements.

Your hometown is ACT (Canberra). How is your fan base there?  And do you have a growing fan base outside of Canberra and if so where?

There’s a bunch of CHUD lovers in every corner of this realm! We do alright at home, but we love to get out there, like pilgrims. Strangers in a strange land. People have latched on, checked out our stuff online before we got somewhere. Some folk has seen gigs advertised, seen us, don’t know us – downloaded or listened to tracks then come out to specifically see us. That’s a fucking winner right there. Melbourne definitely, Sydney too. We’ve had a couple of requests to get to or play a show in the US. A promoter there really wanted to book us on a bill, that’s fucking crazy awesome!!

Canberra has a great extreme metal scene. Has it always been this way – or is it a purple patch?

Yes, definitely. Maybe the history of having Metal For The Brain here, plus a few earlier heavy bands like Armoured Angel, Alchemist were from here originally. Maybe it’s all the close proximity to the houses of Parliament? Also, mountains – lots of fucking mountains!

Chud recently played Metal United World Wide. What did it mean for Chud to be included in this event? Tell us about any standout moments from your set and/or festival in general.

Yeah, it was really a great show. All the bands (Fatigue & Black Mountain) played their asses off. A standout would be the very thick blanket of fog that descended on that part of town that night, the added atmosphere was appropriate. A great night in general, great punters, great venue, awesome bands. Great to see the event has taken worldwide too!

This year, you lads have been taking the stages in ACT and Sydney with your new album.  For those who missed you and/or want to see you ruin the stage again – where can fans catch you guys next?

Our next shows are Friday, November 15th at the Valve Bar in Sydney, that’s a free show too! More money for tequila, beer, and band merch!! 😍

There’s also 13th December at Transit Bar here in Canberra, doing a show for Your Mate Bookings. Looking forward to both. We’re always looking forward to a show!!

What can one expect from a Chud show?

Mortal Kombat

Do you have plans on breaking into the international scene? And how do you plan to do this?

Absolutely! How? Using the power of CHUD – oversized riffs, big beats, bigger bass, and howls. Lots of fucking howls. More double-kick than necessary.

Speaking of the international scene, is there an international fan base building for Chud? Based on sales and followers. Where outside of Australia do you see this occurring the most?

We have sold a bunch of stuff and get a lot of feedback from Spain? Maybe in Europe? Someone in the US expressed interest. It’s hard to say, could be anywhere, a wildcard really.

What can we anticipate next from Chud?

We’re currently working on a couple of video clips for DEAD. We may, MAY have recorded some drums for what could possibly be another CHUD album? Maybe. These drums may, MAY have been recorded in the stairwell of a now demolished set of apartments. Just like Uncle Bonzo. We certainly intend to keep playing live well into the apocalypse, wherever people will have us. That’s our jam! If we did release another album, it wouldn’t be until well into 2020, and it would most likely sound even more haunted and cold than DEAD.

Guys, thank you so much for your time. I wish you all the best with your new album Dead and your future shows! If there is anything additional you would like to add for readers, go for it!

*THANK YOU for interviewing us, Kelly! Keep that black flag flying!! Kudos!! Our next show is Nov. 15 at Valve Bar, Sydney and its free goddamn, head on down and scoot that boot! Our new one, ‘DEAD’ is available for download via –

You can also order a hard copy of the album there, and postage is FREE, anywhere and everywhere!! Stocks are getting low on it, so bust a move now!

The first album is still available too in limited numbers.

Check us out on FACEBOOK too, give us a squeeze!!


– Novak, Nick, and Whiskey – CHUD