‘The Black Swan Events’ by LOST NEBULA Review


Lost Nebula were formed in late 2013 in Mexico, since their formation they have developed into a powerful combo of aggressive, but yet melodic metal band. The Genre is a little hard to pigeon hole, I think the closest I can describe is progressive heavy metal with female vocals.

Their new EP The Black Swan Events is an epic metal masterpiece containing five tracks of the finest metal I have heard since the mid 80’s. I am sure there are some Yngwie J Malmsteen fans amongst the band members, such is the quality of the solo work. There are also elements of Power metal shining through at various points, even some funk and fusion work, especially on the track Ransom In Exchange, also one of my favourites off the EP. Vocally, Lost Nebula sound like no other female-fronted band I have ever heard, including my years working for a label dedicated to this genre. She has vocals that, are powerful and aggressive, but crystal clear and punchy, but thankfully no guttural growls or anything of the sort to spoil the melodic aspects of the bands awesome music. As said, the guitar work is masterful, technical and fresh, with an outstanding bassist to accompany the intricate riffs. The drummers is on point and very technically one of the best I have heard for years!

Lost Nebula also released a video for Hi Roller:

All in all, an excellent album full of emotions, harmonies, melodies and riffs that would make a lot of guitarists want to through their guitars away and start knitting. Awesome EP check it out.