‘Phosphorus Red’ by PLEASANT VIEW Review


Pleasant View were formed in 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas. The quintet are set to release their debut album in the near future. As a taster, they have released a video for their track Phosphorus Red, a monster of a track, and video. Pleasant View’s sound is within the Metal Core genre, but I can definitely hear a few other genres creeping in, such as some melodic death grooves. I am not the world’s biggest Metal Core fan, but, these guys have got something about them that makes me want to hear more. The quality of the music is amazing, the vocals are not too over the top, there is a balanced amount of clean and guttural vocals, and there are few break downs. So Pleasant View to stray out of the comfort zone of most Metal Core bands in the way of standard songwriting.

A great band, who I can imagine going places in their career. Strongly recommended for anyone who is a fan of modern metal, Metal Core. See below for the video link.