Germany used be an awesome place for great underground metal bands way back in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, sadly, most of the bands faded away leaving the underground death scene a little empty. There were still some great bands coming through the ranks. Mytherine hail from Berlin, Germany and just released a new lyric video for their single King of Fools.

The track starts off with a harmonic death/ black riff before the vocals kick in. Vocally, I instantly picked up an old school vibe, rather like Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed style gutteral growl, which I have always been a fan of since Unleashed first hit the seen way back in the late 80’s. Musically, Mytherine have definitely got a very talented bunch of musicians that have been fans of old school death metal for quite some time. With solid riffs and awesome harmonies driven by thundering drums complimented by the bassist’s grinding, doomy accents. King of Fools has everything an old school death metal fan could ever want, slow doomy parts with blast beats, excellent riffage, mid tempo section for the mosh pit, and atmosrherical parts adding more dynamics.

I strongly recommend Myherine to anyone who is a fan of old school death metal, thrash or melodic death metal. Great track, go and check them out.