Make Them Suffer @ Capitol, Perth


After releasing their long-awaited album ‘Old Souls’, Perth deathcore heroes Make Them Suffer touched down on home soil to present their achievements, and of course, they brought some friends along for the journey.

Creating a soundtrack for punters’ entry were local up-and-comers Daybreak who set the bar high for the handful of bands to follow. Playing tracks off their debut EP ‘Empty’, vocalist Shaun Cox delivered crisp roars and was in good stead with the backing band. As the Western Aussies’ Facebook page indicates, the best way to describe Daybreak is heavy.

With a quick turnaround, another Perth group hit the stage who are also fairly new to the scene. Signed to UNFD, I Am Zero leaped on stage to squeeze in as many tracks off their EP ‘Dark Sky’ as they could. Tipsy punters broke out into a two-step riff-raff in nu-metal influenced tracks like ‘The Winter Sun’ and ‘Plastic Seams’. With Bryant Best (ex-Saviour) and Michael Barr (ex-Temporal on the mics, the band were powered to deliver their experimental metalcore accordingly.

Like clockwork, Melbournians I, Valiance set up their gear, playing to Perth for the first time in what felt like a year or two. Sporting their new vocalist, the band brought a perfect balance of a technical skill-set with the brutality of their metalcore influence. The Victorians burst through tracks off ‘The Reject of Humanity’, encouraging crowd-surfing and a lot of headbanging. With just a touch more bass, the band would have destroyed the Capitol venue.

Perth punters got their money’s worth for this particular gig. Despite the handful of local talents and domestically touring treats, Make Them Suffer decided to also bring along the menacing Black Tongue, reigning from Hull City in the UK. Comparative to the almighty Acacia Strain, the British brutes slammed through hits from ‘Born Hanged’, their mind-blowing release from 2014. Beast vocalist Alex Teyen growled his guts out and corrupted the crowd into carnage. The breakdowns were glass-shattering and the riffs were hair-raising. The Englishmen also played a track off their upcoming album ‘The Unconquerable Dark’ and if the song is anything to reflect what’s coming, lookout for it.

Finally, the main meal was served. Perth Perfectionists Make Them Suffer eclipsed the stage to a very warm reception and certainly brought their A-game. The vocalists must have done a warm-up together because following on from the predecessors, frontman Sean Harmanis brought the most polished growl to date. Whipping through tracks like ‘Requiem’ and ‘Let Me In’, Louisa Burton on keys provided an equalizing atmosphere that matched that of the studio sound. It was ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Widower’ that really erupted chaos, inclusive of stage-diving, circle pits and walls of death.