‘Lucid Nightmare’ by LARARIUM Review


Lararium are a quartet hailing from Springfield, they have been creating progressive metal since their formation in 2014. Their debut album is entitled Lucid Nightmare, seven incredible tracks of the finest Prog Metal I have heard this year!

After the intro the first track kicks in with an awesome drum solo which kinda reminds me a little of the intro to Death’s, Human opening track, Flattening of Emotions such is the technical excellence of the drummer. Thereafter the track goes in all kinds of directions, as one would expect from a Prog Metal band from slow stomping breaks to mellowed out chill factor and awesome harmonies. Apparition is one of my favourite tracks off this album due to its complex arrangements and the sheer heaviness which prevails throughout, even it the slower parts. Vocally, Lararium have managed to find the perfect blend of guttural and clean vocals. Most Prog bands seem to get this aspect wrong, but Lararium have found the correct recipe which accentuates the heavier, more brutal parts, but also harmonizes with the melodic parts.

A great band to watch out for if the rest of their debut is anything to go by and they evolve.