Lamashtu are a seven-piece symphonic metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden who have just released their new album, Tro.

I must admit to never even heard of Lamashtu prior to this review, quite how this happened, I am unsure. I do admit to being a fan of Viking style metal, or period based music, Lamashtu have encultured a whole new world for me. Their music is in parts, symphonic, but in other areas more doom orientated in a more colourful format. Lamashtu remind me of epic Bathory albums such as Nordland 1 and 2 in terms of the atmosphere created both musically and vocally. On the lyrical front, Lamashtu have chosen to use their native language of Swedish to give even more of a Nordic vibe to their style, and that all vocals are sung to perfection by a female is just outstanding.  I really can’t single out a favourite song, as they are all equally awesome, each track has it’s own identity, each has their own signature vibe, be it a slow, harmonic piece or more of the up tempo, hard hitting tracks no track sounds like any other.

I really can’t rate Lamashtu enough for their fabulous work on this amazing album, to the point at which I am almost lost for words on how to express how excellent Tro is. If you are looking for guttural vocals and breakdowns and all manner of modern metal this album is not for you. Just pure, heavy, melodic symphonic metal at it’s finest.