King Parrot Takes on Pub Rock Live (Scottsdale, Arizona)


There are those days everyone dreams about; Christmas morning, their birthday, perhaps their wedding? Well, the day I have been dreaming about FINALLY came true on Wednesday, March 25th at the Pub Rock Live (Scottsdale, Arizona). A year is a long to time wait since first witnessing the on-stage madness that is a King Parrot show. The squelching, the bellowing, the water throwing, the in-your-face musical mayhem that bleeds from the stage. (Be still my heart!) Each member of the Australian-based band brings a depth of intensity to their performance. It all blends together to bring the audience a profusion of metal and debauchery.

King Parrot’s tongue-in-cheek music videos and short-clips have become cult-classics (, , and my personal favorite short, ). Watching those videos you feel as though you know the band. With bassist Slatts providing the creepy, yet endearing lead in most of the clips, it was no surprise to hear him belt out Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” during soundcheck. The pop-tune floated from his voice, followed by a growl. Madonna-metal at it’s finest. When vocalist Matt “Youngy” Young stepped out on stage, the crowd clamored closer to experience his vocal prowess. Youngy owns the stage. Scratch that. Youngy owns the room. The man is a true artist on stage. Speak to him before the show, and you will have no inkling to the hell that he can unleash with a microphone gripped in his palm.

The melding of the band with the raw power of Youngy gives King Parrot its luster. Ari White is ferocious at the guitar and backing vocals, while guitarist Squiz delivers a short-shorts-wearing, wild-hair-windmilling performance worthy of any Van Halen video a la 1984-era. New drummer Todd “Crikey” Hanson towers behind the drum-kit delivering keeping with the mold and mayhem that is King Parrot.

Having recently signed with Housecore Records, announcing a new album titled Dead Set (produced by the legendary Philip H. Anselmo), AND an Australian tour to promote the new album, there is no stopping King Parrot. What’s next is a pleasure to be seen, a fete to be had, and a course of flight that only the best can prepare for.

View King Parrot’s latest divulge into cinema gold with “Like a Rat” featuring none other than, Phil Anselmo:

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3/26 San Diego, CA
3/27 Los Angeles, CA
3/28 Santa Cruz, CA
3/29 San Francisco, CA
3/30 Sacramento, CA
3/31 Portland, OR
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