‘Introspection’ by CITADELLION Review


Citadellion are a Symphonic Power metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. Having just released their EP Introspection, I was eager to have a listen to what Citadellion are all about.

The five-track EP starts off with Set your Mind, after a short intro, the track begins. Musically Citadellion certainly are very talented indeed, and also, vocally the band possesses a great singer with an incredibly powerful voice. Citadellion remind me of the late ’80s with bands such as Crimson Glory, Dokken and Savatage, to name a few.

The second track off the EP, is Close your Eyes. This track takes on a slightly different perspective, With heavier riffing, and a more melodic, harmonious twist to the overall feel. Tremendous guitar and keyboard work!

Seasons of our Lives is the third track, and possibly my favourite from the EP. Full of emotions, hard-hitting riffs and excellent songwriting once again!

Stranded reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising force album, such is the vibe I get from this track, especially how the keyboards and guitars harmonize to create such an awesome sound.

The final track off the Introspection is Faith. A great track to close the EP, plenty of atmosphere, melodies and complex timing structures, and of course, awesome guitar solos.

I would recommend Citadellion to anyone who is a fan of 80’s metal in general, power metal, symphonic metal basically anyone who is a fan of melodic metal. Awesome band, awesome musicians.