‘Human Madness’ by UNREDD Review


Unredd were formed back in late 2011 in Germany. The band have just released their new single Human Madness, which also has an accompanying video:

It is nice to hear what Germany has to offer these days, seeing that I lived there for over 30 years and the scene has always been very strong with new bands breaking through, but mostly in the thrash and death metal genres. Deathcore is not a genre that I am a massive fan of, but, Unredd have a very high tempo and energy level that crushes from start to end! The level of talent displayed in this one single is mindblowing! From outstanding guitar riffs, pounding bass lines and drums that are technically awesome this band has it all. The vocals compliment the mix perfectly, not too harsh on the guttural front, which makes understanding the lyrics a lot easier than most bands in this genre.

Overall, I would seriously recommend Unredd to anyone who is into the modern styles of metal, deathcore and the like.