Hellyeah @ Capitol, Perth


Southern U.S. metalers Hellyeah made their final stopover in Australia in Perth, and they left with one hell of a bang. Capitol nightclub quickly filled with a sea of dreadlocks and t-shirts with Pantera, Mudvayne and more. Locals Psychonaut swiftly launching on stage welcoming the crowd to the show. Vocalist Mark De Vattimo brought a tonne of charisma and energy to the Perth metal heads who enjoyed a half-hour surge through their back catalogue of hits. Psychonaut delivered a wide mix and flavour of doom, thrash and power metal to the enthusiastic crowd who already begun circle pitting all over the joint.

It wasn’t long after the Perth locals went off stage that Hellyeah started bouncing around. The legendary Vinnie Paul popped up behind his drum kit, with both arms outstretched to acknowledge all his fans out there. The rest of the band surged on stage with Mudvayne’s Chad Gray ready for the party. With red and black streaks in his hair and rips all over his jeans, Gray brought back the delinquent metal kid in all of the punters.
Starting with ‘Soul Killer’ off the ‘Blood for Blood’ record, which brought decibels that would surely be close to breaking a sound barrier. The riffs were fine tuned and Paul’s drum beats amplified to perfection. Gray belted out each lyric with incredible passion, eyeing out each and every member of the crowd in a impressively engaging manner. Before launching into ‘Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)’ Gray had fake blood splattered all over his face, having an incredibly authentic effect. Between tracks like ‘War in Me’ and ‘Drink Drank Drunk’, Gray chatted to the crowd philosophically about the world of heavy metal and his cathartic views on the genre. Whilst it was hard to determine whether his speeches were recycled and recited or improvised, they definitely reached the emotions of punters; that’s right metal heads have emotions too!
Between the raspy chatter from the vocalist, Hellyeah truly brought their A-game. Each musician played as hard as they possibly could throughout the set and really showed that they’re in it for the music more than anything else. It was tracks like ‘Cowboy Way’ that really brought the crowd together as one being; a metal gathering at its finest, bravo.