Deraign – Garethstock III Live Review


(Photograph by Aimee Ferguson)

Deraign hits you like a kick to the face starting their set of with the track Pits of Misery showing early that they are there to do one thing and that’s Thrash. They exude energy while on stage winding you up into a frenzy with excellent guitar work by Steve Lievesley and Chris Clarke, Absolutely amazing drum work by Chalky Hill and topped with Daniel Vine dominating attention with pounding bass and a voice that perfectly embodies the spirit of Thrash metal. With a marvelous solo that ends accompanied by a impressive scream that leads into a riff that makes you want to bang your head till your neck hurts for a week, The song finishes and the entire stage goes black.

Next comes All is Lost which opens with the literal sounds of warfare coming from the speakers then they play a slower tempo song which they use to showcase their musical skills and finishes off with a drum solo for Chalky to show off his skills behind the kit. It’s at this point where you have just enough time to recover from the first onslaught this band dealt out they kick straight back into the high energy thrash they they showed in their opening song with Purity in Violence. During this song they demonstrate that they can go straight from high energy thrash to a slow pace without skipping a beat.

Retribution comes next and Daniel takes his chance to exhibit his skill on bass as they keep the energy high and encouraging those in attendance to get rowdy. By now all timeouts have been used and they unleash an unrelenting force with Broken. A slight pause as the band calls up and introduces Gareth Graham the man behind Garethstock III to help them close out their set with a cover of Metallica’s cover of So What? by The Anti-Nowhere League which in turns gets the crowd singing along word for word.

And with that it’s all over for this time but with such an impressive display put on by this band they have clearly put out a warning to the rest of the emerging Thrash scene in Brisbane that they are bringing their A-Game and aiming high. Check these guys out and show them support if you dig what they are putting down and who knows what the future may hold for them.