‘Dead End Road’ by CLINE’S MIND Review


Cline’s Mind are back with yet another masterpiece of hard-hitting metal. The album is called Dead End Road, which sees Tom as the main songwriter and musician with the awesome vocals delivered by Mike Lacey with additional parts by Jay Beecher-Bass on Enslaved To Fall & Slave To The Dream and Josh Beecher-Keys on This Is Everything. 

Dead End Road has to be Cline’s Mind heaviest album to date, with a vast array of amazing riffs, solos and harmonies than ever before! Ten tracks of the most diverse time changes and even heavier mosh parts than on their previous releases. Tom’s mind must be like a library of guitar riffs, some do have an old school vibe to them, but then others seem to come from some other world that guitarists have not discovered yet! The track This is Everything has to be one of my faves off this album, even though it is one of the slowest it stands out above the rest due to it’s unique slow-mo heavy stomping riffs and mellower parts. Whereas Slave to the Dream rips from start to finish, blasting through at a ridiculous rate of BPM which is sure to cause some major injuries and should come with health warning that serious whiplash can because when listening to this track! The title track reminds me of early Arch Enemy with the way the riffs and vocals complement each other. Into the Shadow’s den is another one of my faves off this album, it has a Swedish melodic death metal vibe to it, an obvious winner for me seeing as I have been following this genre for a few decades now.


All in all Dead End Road is bound to find a lot of new friends across the globe, simply because it has such a wide pallet of material hidden in its content. Check them out you won’t be disappointed.