‘Consumed’ by CULT BURIAL Review


Cult Burial are a new project from England, who have just released their debut single entitled Consumed. Their style is an amalgamation of Death, Black and Doom metal. The first time I heard this single, I instantly thought this has something original about it, as I have never heard anything like this before in nearly 40 years of being a metalhead!

Certain parts of the track take me back to old Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion era mixed in with My Dying Bride and Anathema. The Black metal elements are also present, but mostly in the vocal department. Musically, Cult Burial have a adopted a fresh sound, heavy, doomy, powerful and yet eerie all at the same time. I admire the way that the tempo changes with intricate passages on the drums and guitars with a phenomenal bass line elevating everything to another level.

I would strongly recommend Cult Burial to anyone who is a fan of most metal genres especially the extreme variants.