Formed in 2015, Confined to Oblivion have already toured with some of the most brutal bands that passed through Canada, opening for bands like The Agonist, Unearth and Beyond Creation.

The brutal, intense music conjured up by the Montreal based band is amongst the heaviest I have heard to be unleashed from Canada!

The new album is set to be released mid July 2021 and is entitled Resumption, eleven tracks of the upmost brutal blend of black, melodic and progressive death metal.

The opening track, In Abeyance, is a complex baseball bat to the ears. Slow start, but still batters through with immense ferocity. There are some interesting influences that shine through, some old school Swedish death metal almalgamated with a pinch of modern brutal death metal. All this combined creates probably the strongest opening track since I first heard Cannibal Corpse’s Torture opener Demented Aggression! Musically, the drummer is crushing, awesome grove and great style of playing, not too much blasting, but knows when to hit the gas when it is needed. The guitarists are very adept at using melodies and harmoics to enhance the feeling, and the bassist is from another planet holding the war machine on course to destroy. Vocally, I was expecting something completly different, as most “modern bands” have this annoying clean vocal/ guttural thing going on, but holy shit this guy nailed it big time! Brutal in both the mellower parts and transforms into EPIC in the brutal parts of the track.

Another track I have to metion, is A Line Has Been Crossed, it has a great harmonic passage throughout, which reminds me of when In Flames were at the top of their game, the masters of melodic death metal. A track that is going to be on repeat for some time on my phone. Although it is a mid-tempo track it still has more balls than King Kong!

For those who are wanting to cause some damage to their necks by the way of whiplash, then check out the track The Long Death of a Silent Tear, this is THE ultimate track to get the circle pit going and tear shit up to! Slow mo groove with a shit ton of aggression!

Confined to Oblivion have managed to rank number 2 of my albums of the year list for 2021, falling short to Benediction, only because I have been a massive fan of the Birmingham bashers since their formation. Awesome album heavily recommended to anyone who loves a lot of groove, melody and intelligent song writing!