Around six months ago, I reviewed Cline’s Mind’s first album of 2020, and now I am reviewing their second album of 2020. The guys certainly have kept their promise!

A Beautiful Chaos is, in my opinion, the band’s most epic release to date. sure, the previous albums released were all excellent in their own right, but, this album tops all of them. From melodic death metal, classic thrash and even mainstream old school metal, this album not only has it all, it displays just how musically gifted these guys are. Tom Cline, is, of course the mastermind behind the music, but this album is more of a band collaboration. Tom certainly has pushed himself with his riff writing and worked hard on his solos to perfection. There literally is something for every metal fan on this album, be it old school metal, more modern metal, trash, death it’s all there on one album, quite an amazing thing to achieve and yet still sound original and fresh.


The album also contains a re-recording of The Ship of the Dead, and also a great cover of Iron Maiden’s classic Hallowed be thy Name, in almost identical tuning and sound of the original so there’s a real nostalgic feel to the cover tune.