Bulls On Parade – Garethstock III Review


I find it amusing i’m putting this review out so early considering it ended Garethstock with a bang but I had to get this up quick because WOW! Frankly, I don’t go much on cover bands but these guys.. If you weren’t looking at them you wouldn’t know it wasn’t the real deal and Bulls on Parade deserve props for that. They started out their set with a cover of Metallica’s ‘Battery’ and it was solid. Being a Metallica cover and not a RATM cover, obviously you could tell this was a cover but it was done really damn well. Started hard and loud and I have to hand it to the lighting tech, great work whoever you are! It was a great set up and really complimented the whole set. Jim Bob shreds like a champ and didn’t miss a note and i’d have noticed because I was a HUGE Metallica fan growing up. It was a good way to start the show too because it built up the metaphorical platform for the loud, funky stylings of RATM. Boonta’s vocals were on point and it was a nice warm up for some funky, rappy RATM beats.

Around the time they busted into their second song ‘Take the Power Back’ it became apparent just how much stage presence these guys have. If I were only awarding points for that, these guys would be 5 out of 5. They worked the crowd and you could feel them feeding off and redistributing that energy back towards the fans through music. I find bands without stage presence boring and apathetic so these guy’s energy is something I really appreciated. Jim Bob and Snow’s guitar bass combo work was really stand out for this track too and was great to see. As was Jim Bobs epic squealing solos showing his talent as a guitarist. Jayden was really showing the backbone he gives the band to by never missing a note and tearing the shit out of his drums. The drops were vicious (in a good way) and Boonta’s clean singing outro was beautiful.

‘Freedom’ was another talent showcase with each member just proving how ingrained in their bones this style of music is. It lead a nice build up to everyone’s favourite, ‘Killing In The Name Of’, which of course blew the roof off. Everything you want and expect of the original studio release with all the pleasure of a metaphorical punch to the ear drums (in a good way) that only a live experience can bring. There were a few other songs afterwards and Bulls On Parade played it hard all the way through. Their set ended off Garethsock III on a high note and everyone left pretty happy (and drunk)

Gotta say, these guys really earned their 4 and a half stars. Would totally recommend them for and RATM fan