‘Arrogance Of Worms’ by RENUNCIATION Review


Formed only last year in Moscow, Russia, Renunciation are a quartet of highly talented musicians who have released a single entitled Arrogance of Worms.

It has been a while since I have reviewed a band of such a high caliber of technical blackened/ death metal, but these guys have seriously nailed everything within the genre description! From high speed riffing, blast beats, driving thrash passages, bass solos, guitar solos and even acoustic section to top it all off. The vocals are, as one would expect, for the most part guttural, but every word is clear and understandable. I still am amazed how Renunciation manages to fit so many time changes into one single track and even have a small theatrical segment.

Renunciation have defined their own sound within this awesome single, stamping their distinctive sound to the genre, as far as Russian bands go, I don’t know that many, whereas back in the ’80s there were a few that also had their own sound, such as Kruiz, who, for me were awesome, and at the time highly underrated. I am sure that Renunciation will get a lot of recognition for their music and find a lot of fans.