Florida is typically well known for the old school death metal scene, but lurking in Tallassee Announce the Apocalypse have been whipping up a storm with their thrash onslaught.

The trio have just released their new album Nefarious Means. The album is one of the finest Thrashterpieces I have heard in a very long time, I’d even go as far as saying the album is better than some of my old 80’s classic favourites. There is a hint of Death metal riffing in some of the tracks, which I find awesome, and some slower doomy riffs. The riffs and overall vibe is of a new level of ferocity and aggression. Vocally, I can’t quite give an exact description or likeness, the closest I can get to it is, Chuck Schuldiner meets Mille Petrozza, a very powerful and attacking voice. The drumming is extreme, fast (but no blast beats) a very technical drummer who shines through the barrage of riffs.

I strongly recommend all thrashers and death metal fans to check out Announce the Apocalypse. These guys are the future of the thrash metal genre!