Abyssal Frost are a quartet hailing from the USA who have released probably one of the finest albums I have heard in a very long time, entitled Antarsia. I thought that Blackened Death Metal had fallen off the face of the metal  world, boy was I wrong! Abyssal Frost have somehow managed to take me back to the late 90’s early 2000’s where the genre was massive. Abyssal Frost’s new released catapults me back to when bands like Nile, Morbid Angel and Deicide were the forerunners of this genre. With brutal riffs a plenty, dark, crushing vocals belting over the insane drumming annihilating absolutely everything with no mercy. Of course there are some more melodic fusions moulded in to the mix to give more depth to the heavier parts, of course, by melodic, I don’t mean wimping out in the slightest, far from it! The melodic parts are still heavy and gut wrenching as one would expect from this genre.

The highlight for me, has got to be Cannibal, this track has all the characteristics that I love about the extreme metal genres, the speed, the aggression,  powerful blistering drumming, brutal vocals, and harmonic riffs that follow the vocal lines.

Seriously, if you have never heard Abyssal Frost, you definitely need to check them out, for an underground band, they have all the assets to make it to the big league! Awesome band, awesome album, just wish I could give more than five points for their effort on this monstrous album.