‘A Desolate Place’ by BA’ALZAMON Review


Ba’alzamon’s are a trio that originally formed back in 1998 in Arkansas USA, but split in 2001 and reformed in 2017. Their debut album, A Desolate Place was released on 25 of May 2020, ten Darkened Black metal of the highest quality.

I don’t know much about the American underground scene, but I think I need to try and get involved to check out more of what the scene has to offer if the scene has more bands of Ba’alzamon’s caliber.

Ba’alzamon’s sound is quite unique, with a lot of ambient passages that create an awesome and yet original quality to their profile. I am struggling to find any band that sounds like Ba’alzamon’s, but I just can’t, such is their style, Part melodic Death metal, part melodic Black with a hint of Gothic thrown in for good measure. One of the main things I find awesome, is that they are not your typical black/death band, in that there is not blast beats ongoing through the tracks, there is actual song structures and meaning behind the tracks. Some tracks, the vocals do have a certain 90’s Swedish death metal growl, which I am a huge fan of. Some of the riffs also take on a slight early Grave, Dismember resemblance. With the drums double-bass passages pounding and the thundering bass lines intertwined with the intelligent use of the keyboards gives the whole sound a certain magical, and atmospheric touch.

I would certainly recommend Ba’alzamon’s to any fan of Gothic, Black, death, melodic death. An awesome debut album!