‘Bleed Over Me’ by 308 GHOST TRAIN Review


308 Ghost Train hail from Cortez Florida, USA. The quartet have mastered their craft over the past two years, and have just released a single entitled Bleed over Me.

Bleed Over Me is an awesome single, and very pleasing to the ears. OK, it’s not the heaviest single I have reviewed over the years, but I do like some classic rock orientated music from time to time. 308 Ghost Train have somehow managed to capture the spirit of yesteryear and their own twist into the mix. There is definitely some influences that stand out, I can hear some Creedence Clearwater Revival influences, being a fan of the band since the early 80’s. I can also hear some early Bon Jovi, Ratt and Guns n Roses flowing through both musically and vocally. Musically, 308 Ghost Train have certainly done their homework and know their instruments and how to use them and their lyrics to great effect, especially when delivering messages through their music.

I would recommend 308 Ghost Train’s new single Bleed over Me to anyone who is partial to Classic Rock/Glam Rock. Their music is pretty much certain to be aired on radio stations, with over 4 million listeners and counting the band have certainly got something right.